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Litter Prevention - Report Form


Frustrated by litter thrown or blown from cars and trucks?  What about businesses and homeowners who let their trash pile up in violation of local laws.  In addition to police officers, justices of the peace and constables can cite violators with fines and can require litter violators to clean up the litter and do community service work.  What can you do?  Report litter violations.


What is illegal?

 Basically every form of littering is prohibited by local, parish and state ordinances.

 Here is a summary of what the ordinances cover: 

n        Throwing, dumping or placing any waste item or other material on public property, the right of way or private property without the owners consent.

n        Allowing anything to escape from a vehicle all trash and other material transported in a commercial or privately owned vehicle must be completely enclosed, covered by a tarp or otherwise secured.


n        Trash on commercial or private property must be kept in a sealed container.  There is nothing in the building code that exempts construction and demolition sites from these laws.


Making a Report

When you see littering occur, all you need to do is record the information in the form below and deliver it to a law enforcement agency or officer within the jurisdiction the incident occurred.  In the case of the City of West Monroe, you can either deliver the information by hand, telephone or mail to the below address.



West Monroe Police Department

Records Division

2301 North 7th St.

West Monroe, La.  71291





City of West Monroe - West Monroe Police Department

Litter Prevention Report Form

Date and Time you saw Incident:


Physical Location of Incident:


Describe the Litter:


Any Identification on Litter:


Name and Address on the Litter:


Vehicle License Plate # and State:


Vehicle Year, Make, Model:


Vehicle Color and Body Style:


Any other vehicle descriptions:




Select one of the following:  

Incident did not involve a vehicle.


Litter deliberately thrown/dumped from the vehicle.


Litter fell or was blown from the vehicle.


I could not tell how the litter left the vehicle.


YOUR    Name:


Phone Number:




City, St, Zip: