Corrections Division


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Detention Center

Inmate Work Release


Mike Wheelis





     The Corrections Division, an integral part of the West Monroe Police Department, is under the direct command of Major Mike Wheelis.  The division is staffed by one major, one Supervisor, 6 full time Corrections Officers and 6 contract employees.  The Corrections Division is comprised of a full time Detention Center, an inmate work release program (which involves community service) and acts as liaison with the West Monroe City Court System.

Allen Johnson



Detention Center


     The role of the West Monroe Correctional Center is the detention of adults duly taken into custody and booked into this facility by an authorized law enforcement agent. Persons so incarcerated generally fit into two categories: those detained on a pre-trial basis and those sentenced for misdemeanant level offenses. However, on occasion, prisoners convicted of felony level offenses may be detained in this facility. The West Monroe Correctional Center does house, on a contract basis, prisoners for Federal and other Local Law Enforcement Agencies.